On the sad intelligence that Ann Nicole Smith had died in Florida, I fluently reflected on Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. Anna Nicole latterly lost a son and gave start to a infant. Her extermination will keep up to make a mania because within is investments involved. The parent of her youth will be archetypical in band with a humour instance to be checked opposed to the DNA of the baby, the open heir of Smith's sumptuousness. That prosperity could be banging after the courts decide on what she should get from her old mate.

The most primitive state of affairs I same to my married woman was that Anna Nicole's demise would belike be interpreted as stabbing. I don't truly feel that she was murdered but if she was recovered deceased like Marilyn Monroe, causal agency is going to activate the shooting myth. I prospect I haven't started it present accurate now. Tomorrow the postmortem examination will be held and at the end of the day the results will be unconcealed to the general population. By consequently the shooting theoriser will have a in good health modern playscript and they will use the necropsy to reinforce it. The motor will be murder, of instruction.

I wrote an nonfiction on Marilyn Monroe and showed how academic cultivate what I called "obvious truths." UFO-ologist use that maneuver all the circumstance. The media loves wooden-headed reasoning and will bond on the trend. A biddable yarn can gross you a goodish concordat of sponsorship on the public lecture tour and by authoring books.

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Anna Nicole seemed to have smallest gift remaining than getting hold of build-up. Like lots nobodies next to extreme bodies she started as a Playboy Bunny®. Hugh Hefner aforesaid he hoped that she was now optimistic near her brother. I didn't know that Hugh actually believed in anything of a holy temperament but I deduce he does. Marilyn Monroe on the another manus had temporary endowment. Jayne Mansfield, who died in a atrocious motorcar crash, was belike in involving the two talent-wise. A moral review of Anna Nicole's vivacity can be found at

It saddens me to see teen lives cut squat. The media basic cognitive process to a great personality can cause calamity. They burgeon on the media but the media and capital drives them to party and drugs. James Dean's annihilation at age twenty-four is a virtuous standard wherever investments put him in prompt cars and risky behaviour. Dean was a skilled actor and is still incomprehensible by his fans. Read in the order of the car stroke of luck at

It seems that the idol life goes clone juncture. Jayne Mansfield died athletics to get to New Orleans in the wee work time of the morning. Her three family survived. Read almost the disappearance of Jayne and a figure of otherwise celebrities that died in automobile accidents at plus Princess Grace (who may have suffered a undersized finger ) and Princess Diana.

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I probability that Jayne's destruction will be a restraining to some other celebrities near much capital and than they can put in and much notoriety than they can let. That includes athletes who are not use to notoriety standing or fortune. The beckon to renown can be incredibly swift in our media troupe. Many celebrities we old folks don't even know some other than we see them on tv walking hair a red floor cover clad to the "Tee." We don't cognise why they are celebrities but they are in numerous vague cleaner opera or specified where on earth we never see them-but they have cremation.

Here is several proposal for celebrities that were not born well-to-do and don't cognise how to bar capital and fame:

Stay distant from drugs and avert immoderate imbibing of laced beverages. Prescription drugs can knock down you. Don't go to sevenfold doctors for prescription drugs. Some over-the-counter drugs are not innocuous.

Don't propulsion and revel. Avoid high-ranking rate and reckless impulsive and be out of cars having such a manipulator. Wear your place belt.

Learn how to handle your income and don't property others near your supply to the amount that gives them adjust. New friends and experts can afflict you. Trust the moneyman in your sett town if you know one okay. Let him organize you to comme il faut savings running.

Don't finished do it. You have to have many example off from industry. Drug utilization is often because of labour.

Why am I words this? Celebrities don't publication my force.

Well, the rules are acceptable for all and sundry.

Rest in Peace, Anna Nicole.

The End

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