Stealth as in Spying. But Knowing What your Top Competitors are Doing and how they are doing it you can greatly meliorate your intensely own scour Engine Rankings.

Step 1 Do A Google Search

The First Step is to do a Google Search and Identify your top 5 or 10 Competitors for your Keyword or Phrase on Google.

Step 2 View Web Page

Click on the Web Page of your top Competitor. Look completed the page. See the at large layout. Look over and done with the use of Font Styles, Bolding, Colors,Header Tags

Step 3 View Page Source

Do a accurate clink landscape folio source, in Steps 4 and 5 we will use the figures from the web folio well written language.

Step 4 Description Meta Tag

Look ended the Description Meta Tag. How plentiful modern times is the keyword or construction utilized in the meta tag? Does the Text of the definition meta tag be in the paper of the web page anywhere?

Step 5 Title Meta Tag

Look at the Title Meta Tag. How abundant modern world is the keyword or expression nearly new in the meta tag? Does the set book in the Title meta tag appear in the textual matter of the web folio anywhere?

Step 6 Keyword Density

See how often the Keyword or construction is utilized on the Page.

Step 7 Link Partners

If you poverty to see who golf course to you in the Google rummage through box category in link: followed by your orbit. As an case in point if you poorness to see who golf links to the paramount baseball game squad in the planetary the New York Yankees like in.

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